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Increasing demand for after-sales services and outsourcing cause that our company attach importance not only to execution of buildings but also to operation and maintenance of buildings.

Considering this our company offers:

  • tests and measurements after completation
  • periodic test and measurements
  • measurements and fault location of MV and NN cables
  • tests and start-up of installations
  • modernization of electrical instllation and weak current installations
  • maintenance of electrical equipment and installation in existing buildings
  • software service

Infrared mapping 

Thermovision is indispensable method used in diagnostics of plants, equipment and facilities, it is more often used for diagnostics tests in power engineering, using this method is necessary for development complex and advanced investment projects. 
Results of infrared mapping are used in diagnostics of power engineering equipment, based on thermal decomposition on surface it is possible to conclude regularity of equipment work. 

Scope of our works in this field includes:

  • diagnostics of transformers, breakers, capacitors, fuses work and isolators status,
  • diagnostics of technical status of cable and overhead network,
  • diagnostics of distribution equipment, bus-ducts,
  • tests of housing of power engineering equipment, motors, drivers