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MV and LV cable lines and trafo station in Rzeszów II

Project: MV and LV cable lines and transformer station in Słocina near Rzeszów
Investor/General Contractor: Rzeszowski Zakład Energetyczny SA
Time of construction: 2004-2005
Cost of works: 377 000 PLN

Executed electrical works was connected with correction of voltage conditions in Słocina near Rzeszów.

Scope of works executed by Elektromontaż Rzeszów:

  • construction of transformer station STL-4
  • MV cable lines - XUHAKXs 3x120 mm2 type - 290 m
  • LV cable lines - YAKY 4x240 mm2 - 381 m
  • LV cable lines - YAKY 4x120mm2 /YAKY 4x35 mm2 - 170 m
  • installation of cable and lighting panels
  • connection to LV network