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Production plant Heesung Electronics in Kobierzyce

Project: Production plant Heesung Electronics in Biskupce Podgórne
Investor/General Contractor: GS Engineering&Consturction Kobierzyce
Time of construction: IX 20006 - VII 2007
Cost of works: 10 050 000 PLN   Scope of works executed by Elektromontaż Rzeszów SA:

  • execution of transfer stations (3 sets), installation of MV switchgears 20 kV & 6,6 kV, installation of transformers 3150 kVA, 1600 kVA, 1250 kVAm 1000 kVa (7 pcs.), installation of main LV switchgears, banks of capacitors and MV metering systems
  • production, supply and installation of LV distribution boards - 45 pcs.,
  • supply and installation of MV cable lines
  • execution of lightening installation
  • execution of general and emergency indoor lightening sinstallation
  • execution of external lightening