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Scope of activity

Elektromontaż Rzeszów SA executes projects for different type of buildings in: power industry, telecommunication, chemical industry, petroleum industry, heavy industry, engeenering industry, building industry and paper industry. The company executes offices, hotels, housebuildings, retail and public buildings.

Electrical installations

Main field of activity is executing various type of electrical installations including:

  • overhead and cable lines
  • transformer stations
  • internal and external lighting
  • emergency and evacuation lighting
  • weak current installations
  • telecommunication systems
  • computer networks
  • cable and satelite television network, CCTV
  • anti-burglary systems
  • fire fighting systems


Elektromontaż Rzeszów S.A propose cooperation in execution Building Management Systems (BMS) and automatic control engeenering. We undertake all tasks connected with comprehensive execution of automatics installation and control-mearsurement instrumentation. The offer includs:

  • design and execution of control systems with use programmable controllers (PLC)
  • selection means of  automatics for planned tasks and complete supplies.
  • execution of software in range of Building Management and visualization with use Building Management Systems (BMS) and visualization systems
  • installation of equipment, commissioning and system initation


  • tests and measurements after completation
  • periodic test and measurements
  • measurements and fault location of MV and NN cables
  • start-up of installations
  • modernization of electrical instllation
  • maintenance of electrical equipment and installation in existing buildings
  • software service


Elektromontaż Rzeszów SA produce wide range of products, including:

  • steel street and park lighting poles
  • aluminium street and park lighting poles
  • lighting masts, antennas, ligtning protection masts and flag poles
  • extrusion tubular steel poles
  • extrusion tubular aluminium poles
  • other constructions
  • high and low voltage switchboards
  • control and signalling equipment
  • distribution panels and boxes electrical apparatus